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Unlike most generalist tech recruiters we stay focussed on our specialist sectors (legal & insurance) meaning most of our candidates have domain expertise and understand how GDPR and data is relevant for SRA and FCA regulations. Try the true InsurTech and LegalTech experts, try TechProFound.

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We’re trusted tech recruiters across all industries – with specialist expertise in several major sectors…

Insure Tech

This is an exciting sector with huge predicted growth – and an industry that’s still ripe for innovation and disruption. With the rise of Blockchain's adoption within the insurance sector, the dynamics of the talent required within the new breed of insurance company or broker is quickly changing.

Legal Tech

The legal sector has been over reliant on paper records and manually completing tasks with high cost base. In recent years significant new investment in the LegalTech sector has seen a huge increase in tech adoption amongst solicitors, ProFound already work with a number of SaaS scale ups in this space.

Other Sectors

As methodologies and programming languages are universal, we have been successful in sourcing and placing highly skilled tech candidates in an array of industries, from WasteTech, to marketing agencies and development consultancies, we have deep networks of developers across various tech stacks.
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Client Services


Got a sensitive or time critical project? We can help. We can draw up and execute a tailored recruitment plan – from market mapping to offer – swiftly, expertly and with excellent results.



The 'traditional' recruitment model. Using our expertise, we do the hard work for you - attraction, screening, shortlisting. We guide you and our skilfully selected candidates from interview to offer.


Mini RPO

Ideal for a start-up or scale-up business hiring a number of people. We offer a dedicated 'in-house' consultant to companies with big growth aspirations but no need for a full-time recruiter.


Salary Survey

Don't know where to pitch a new role? Want to compare salaries? As your trusted partner, we can advise you on a range of recruitment matters. Call us, and we'll be happy to share our expert knowledge with you.

Market Insights

What's the next big thing? How many candidates are out there? What skills do they have? We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with market developments, and are happy to share these with you.

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Candidate Offer Mediation

Sourced a candidate yourself but need help with salary negotiations? We can act as a mediator - so that you hire an engaged candidate who feels valued. And you don't lose them to a counter-offer.



We've years of experience working at a senior level. So we have contacts in VCs, incubators and consolidators. If you're considering an exit strategy, or need advice on the value of your business, get in touch for a confidential discussion.


Candidate Services

CV Writing

Writing a good CV is a skill. A skill that we have. So if you need to knock an impressive CV into shape, call us. We can meet for a coffee - on us - or talk on the phone. And we'll put together a winning CV for you.


Salary Advice

If you're looking for a new challenge. Or have been offered a role - it's good to know your salary value. Get in touch. We'll be happy to share our market intelligence with you, to help you make your decision.


Careers Advice

Feeling trapped? Not sure about your next move? Undecided between the leadership or technical route? Give us a call. We'll talk through your options to help you progress your career.


Interview Preparation

First interview? Or has it been a while since your last interview? We'll help you prepare, right down to the finer details - like whether the client prefers Converse sneakers or Italian brogues!

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Current Tech Jobs

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